Friday, June 29, 2018

Stella’s trip to the nail salon

Stella went with mommy to the nail salon.

She had her nails clipped, filed, and painted.

She chose a pretty, shimmery purple/pink color. She was very patient while mommy had a pedicure.

She had a great time and wants to go again soon.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Foster’s first pee pee in the potty

This is exactly the post we will need to pull out years from now when Foster is trying to be cool an impress high school or college friends.

While getting ready for his bath this evening, Foster was running around in his birthday suit. He started to tinkle on the floor (which is not uncommon)...

Upon seeing the start of a puddle, mom yelled “no, no!” Which made him stop peeing.

Mom quickly picked him up and plopped him on the potty, saying “go pee pee.” He then finished going in the potty.

It was probably mostly luck but we’ll count it as a potty win!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Stella’s last day of school

Stella just completed her first year of Pre-kindergarten classes at The Children’s School

Shes having morning snack with Logan (same side as Stella), Grace (across from Logan), and Gunnar (across from Stella).

She made lots of good friends this year but her best friends were Leo and Hadley. They will both be back next year with her.
She really enjoyed her first year and is looking forward to going for her final year in August.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

More Foster Vocabulary

More words added to Foster’s vocabulary every day

bah-dull = bottle, usually of milk

Teee = tree, loved pointing these out on our recent hikes in the white mountains

What-uh = water, especially in the water table or coming from the hose

Monday, May 7, 2018

Foster’s new words

Foster has been saying doggy (1st word) and daddy for a while now. He has been mimicking lots of new words lately.

“Stinky” = “tinkeh” in reference to the bathroom

”sister” = “sisdah” his favorite person

“Outside” = “outsy” he loves to go out to play, ride around in Stella’s new car or let the dogs outsi

His vocabulary is just starting but he’s doing very well at starting to echo many words he hears on a regular basis.

He also knows what most basic words mean. If we talk about going to the potty, he will run to the bathroom. If we ask if he wants a bottle, he’ll go over to the refrigerator to wait for his bottlw of milk.

Stella’s 4 year check-up

Its hard to believe but Stella had her 4 year old check (and shots)

Her eyesight and hearing all checked out good. She weighed in at 32lbs and 39” tall.

she had 2 shots which required an ice cream treat afterwards.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Foster’s First Sugar on Snow

Maple Sugaring Season has arrived in Vermont. The season has been a good one so far since we’ve had many days above freezing with nights that dip below zero.

This weekend is Vermont’s maple weekend which means most sugarhouses hold open houses featuring tours, food, and live music.

We stopped by shelburne sugar works this afternoon so Foster could get his first official taste. He, of course, loved it especially the snow part.

We had some “sugar on snow” (hotmaple syrup poured over snow) with the traditional pickle and maple donut on the side. Stella is an old pro at the art of handling the sticky treat.